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Forgive Me Fanfics

My nose has always been turned up at the thought of fan-fiction. You could count me among those literature snobs who find fanfic to be a blemish to the original creator’s’ masterpiece.

Before I knew what fanfiction was, one of my cousin’s, who loves to read as much as I do, would have notebook journals full of her adventures with Eragon, Harry Potter, and many others. She was super excited and found great joy in them, and encouraged me to read her writings as well. And even though I would find them enjoyable, I’d laugh to myself as a voice nagged me saying “you aren’t allowed to actually like this because it’s not ‘real’ writing.”

It would be years before I heard the term “fanfic”, as well as the debates referring to it’s legitimacy as an actual genre of literature. So, to only read “real” literature I kept away from this ever-growing type of writing. Which worked out pretty well, until… fast forward to this year.

In the last few years I was introduced to the T.V. show “Supernatural” And to sum up my feelings… I absolutely freakin’ LOVE it!

So, when I hear that there is a fanfic revolving around my characters, I put my nose in the air to say, “you are not ruining the show I love”. On top of that, to find out that it was an erotic homosexual twist on the characters, my nose sky rocketed to an even higher position to say, “you are definitely not going to change my already perfect characters and their dynamics!”

So, when my friend read it and told me it was beautiful and amazing and that I just had to read it, I told her NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. And let me tell you she dotes over this novel and reads it and of course quotes it all the time.

Peer pressure usually doesn’t have a hold on my life, but I must admit when it comes to books, the peer pressure will generally succeed. And though I fought the idea for a while, I finally decided to give it a try. I’d read a chapter and then decide if it was worth it!

But boy howdy… I didn’t realize the size of just that commitment. The first chapter was sooooo loooong! And it got erotic quick!

(Side note: I’m comfortable with quick glimpses of sex in books, but when it comes to erotica I (for the most part) skip as much as I can! So, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I missed anything plot wise by doing this! I don’t remember any story holes occurring, so I guess that means it’s fine!)

But, even though that first chapter was so long, I continued reading the next chapter because (as usual) I hate not finishing a book. (Even though scrolling through Wattpad on my phone was a nightmare! Which is why I finally borrowed a printed copy. <- Life Saver)

I’ll admit, though I usually can envision the stories unfolding in my head as I read, I had a really hard time with this one after the initial introduction. Simply because I know my Dean and Cas and it was super hard for me to envision them together. (Sorry guys I’m a Dean, Lisa, and Ben supporter!) So, after a little bit of reading, I finally found a method that worked for me. That method revolved around a parallel universe where they played themselves in a different role. Similar to how “The French Mistake” episode worked.

So… I finished it! It was beautiful. Tragic, but beautiful. Whilst I was reading this story, I came across a pin on Pinterest describing one person’s view of fanfic. Pairing this novel with that pin, has completely opened my eyes to the legitimacy of Fanfiction. My nose has firmly left the position of “upturned” and embraced the understanding that fanfiction is indeed a true form of writing. (But just like in other genres, anything written in this genre needs a little love and hard work to truly make it decent reading material!)


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With that said, I hope you lovely fanfiction writers and fans will forgive me of my prior assumptions! As for my cousin… You keep writing lovely and I’ll keep reading! My laughs now will forever be for the humor in your writing!

Hope you all have a lovely day!


As a P.S. You can find my QUICK review of the novel I mention above, below.

“Twist and Shout”

By: Gabriel, StandbyMe (Archive of Our Own)

I’m gonna keep it quick and (hopefully) not give any spoilers! So here goes…

I adored Sam and Jess!

Disliked Gabriel’s part! (Where was my fun and sarcastic “Trickster”?)

HATED Meg’s part because before her removal in the show, she really appeared to like Cas. (As you can guess, I am also a Meg and Cas supporter!)

Wasn’t surprised by Michael’s nor Baltazar’s roles.

Oh, Adam why must we always revert to this? (Cue the flood of tears…)

Loved getting to see Tessa again, and definitely love how she was incorporated into the story.

Dr. Ether took me a second, but as soon as Dean approaches him in the cafeteria, it all fell into place as to who “Dr. Ether” was portraying from the show. His incorporation into the story in this way, fit well!

(Yes, there are other character’s but these were the ones that drew the most interest to me!)

It is a beautiful story showcasing how hard it is to be with someone, when all the odds are stacked against y’all, even if you love them DEARLY! The ending certainly had me crying! If you end up reading it, you will be left with a little hole of hurt! So be prepared for sorrow!

“See you then”

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